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Small Dog Breeding- a Herculean Task?

Dog breeding is given maximum significance due to its influence on economy. Most of the dogs need to be bred between 10th to 14th days of heat period but some dogs may breed even on 17th day lately. It all depends on the concerned species. Small dog breeding is also being the same as like that of large breeds.

Monitoring of vaginal cells by microscopic examination helps in diagnosis of peak heat period in dogs. Progesterone level may also be taken into account for assessment of dog breeding, but it needs sophisticated instruments to measure this hormonal level.

Male dog may be bred once it achieves adequate growth. The virgin dog may often object to the mating attempts of male dog and hence, allow the female dog with male dog for few hours earlier. This might fetch you fruitful result in dog breeding since both of them become familiar with each other and some courtship occurs between them in such occasions.

If not, even the females may attempt to bite the male dogs and similarly, avoid crossing of various species from the point of veterinary ethics. Hence, dog breeding is to be understood in proper manner to have success.

Small dog breeding
Small dog breeding is to be undertaken with great cautions. Avoid crossing with a large sized dog because in such occasions, the vigorous mounting activities of the male dog may cause injuries in the vaginal of female.

Some times hip related problems may occur in case of female dogs due the falling of heavy weighted body of males during breeding. Hence, always try to choose only the same sized dogs during the small sized dog breeding.

Dog breeding age of small dogs
Most of the small dog owners ask the renowned dog breeders when they should breed their dog. The small dog should be bred not before a year at least in case of male dogs.

Where as in case of female dogs, do miss the first heat that occurs at sixth month and breed the female dog during the occurrence of second heat. It is better to have dog breeding at 1½ to 2 years age because in this dog breeding age only, there will be adequate development of gonads in the pelvic cavity of body.

However, provision of rich nutrient based supplements in food items and the suitable climate and species nature are the associated factors that can modify the period of dog breeding. Hence, this may not be the same in all dogs for the breeding purposes.

In the event of crossing of lesser age group dogs, though the mounting activities are witnessed by owners, there may not be breeding success.

The males may not have adequate number of mature spermatozoa during this dog breeding age and similarly, the female dogs might not have attained the required development of gonad organs. Hence dog breeding is to be taken as a critical factor for achieving the good breeding potential.

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