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Weaning a Puppy

Weaning a puppy involves planning on food items to be given to that puppy. In addition to this, the preparative steps such as selection of puppy box or choosing the safe enclosure for the puppy may be carried out prior to weaning puppy.

Weaning a puppy needs a careful planning. Though weaned puppy prefers canned food items, it is equally true that dry foods that are made wet by addition of water attract the weaned puppy. You should supplement your weaned puppy diet with adequate vitamins and minerals.

Age of weaning puppy
It is to be remembered that the puppies rely on bitch’s milk exclusively in the first three to four weeks of age. In case if you are going to wean the puppies at three weeks of age, weaning process should be adopted gradually.

Hence the puppies need to be separated from its mother from three weeks of age itself. Once your puppies attain the age of six weeks, then completely wean them.

Start giving scrambled egg and semi-moist food that is palatable and preferable for the puppy. Many persons prefer weaning a puppy after it attains the age of six weeks.

Weaning puppy early
Weaning puppy early should not be carried out in general. However, this may happen in case of orphaned puppies whose mother might encounter death due to some medical reasons.

In these cases, care needs to be exercised in feeding because if you give more feed or unaccustomed feed, the puppies may develop diarrhea. And there are occasions of constipation noticed in the weaned puppies. Hence, weaning a puppy need special attention in case of early weaning.

Hence, during weaning the puppies early, due to what ever is the reason, one should understand that these puppies might not have drunken adequate amounts of mother’s milk that is enriched with nutrients.

This may lead to increased susceptibility to diseases pertaining to various systems and even they become vulnerable for viral infections like parvo viral infection that is recognized by the occurrence of blood tinged diarrhea (Melena).

Weaning puppy early is not to be considered as a natural one and hence, more health related measures have to be undertaken to safe guard these puppies especially from various systemic diseases. These puppy's are particularly vulnerable to the digestive disorders and hence, meticulous care is to be taken during weaning the puppies.


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