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Parvo Dog Disease

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The parvo dog disease is caused by a virus, which spreads, from one dog to the other through infected feces. The parvo dog disease virus can’t reproduce outside the living cell, which is the nature of the all virus particles. But the moment these viruses enter the living cell, they multiply rapidly. Soon the virus particles come out of the cell bursting it. The virus particles thus liberated enter the blood stream and the other tissues and the replication goes on.

Parvo dog disease Symptoms

The dogs that are infected with parvovirus will have lack of appetite, letharginess, diarrhea, vomiting, and of course fever. In more serious infection the diarrhea will be watery and often mixed with blood. The feces will have telltale odor.

The dogs will have severe abdominal pain. Since the virus is very strong, the intestinal lining gets slough.

The dog will be very much dehydrated. The dogs will be very weak because they don’t eat properly. The electrolyte disruption causes weakness. Intussusception is the other possible symptom. Intussusception is nothing but the telescoping of the intestine in to itself. This is very serious condition, which results in the death of the pup.

The treatment for the intussusception is only surgery. But the pups can’t withstand this surgery. The only consoling factor here is that the intussusception is very rare. In case of per acute infection sudden death of the pup is possible since the virus attacks the heart. The per acute infection is also not very common in parvo dog disease.

Treatment of parvo dog disease

The dogs infected with parvo dog disease require immediate veterinary care as they will be weak. The dogs can’t be treated as out patient and require admission.

The parvo dog disease dogs must be administered plenty of fluids through intravenous route. The electrolytes, medications that can prevent the vomiting and antibiotics to take care of the secondary infections must be mixed with the intravenous fluids. The dogs require to be hospitalized for at least five days.

During that period the dogs will be monitored for protein levels and red blood cell count. In case the protein level of the dog is low, then colloids must be administered to fight the problem.

The dogs that don’t improve even after the colloid administration, then blood transfusion can be thought of. The dog requires to be treated for internal intestinal parasites too.

The feeding should only commence only after twenty fours hours of complete stoppage of vomiting. Once the dog starts eating and there is no vomiting for 24 hours to 48 hours, then the dog can be sent home.


The parvo dog disease can be prevented by vaccination. The vaccines given at 8th, 12th and 16th weeks will prevent the parvo dog disease for sure.




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