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Home remedy for sick dogs

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Home remedy for sick dog includes provision of water intermittently when the dog has sickness like enteritis. Not giving any food for some time except the electrolyte mixed water itself becomes a home remedy in dogs passing loose motion. In the pet world, there are numerous home remedies for the sick dog. But some of them won’t be helpful to the pets.

Provision of papaya fruit is one of the proven home remedies for a sick dog. This will lead to increase in the immunity level particularly in case of convalescent dogs.

Sick dog looks most of the times dull. If you observe the movements of such dogs, there is often a lethargic type of movements. The dog exhibiting such reduced movement needs to be examined closely for any deviation from health.In this case, the home remedy for sick dog includes avoidance of bulk feeding and one or two pieces of garlic may be given masked with palatable feed items.

Sick dog often has derangement in the routine behavioral pattern and may not reveal any response due to the health related problem it has. Hence, in such cases one has to clearly monitor the animal for any aggravation of signs that are abnormal.

Sick dog-symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, vomiting etc. When the animal exhibits constipation, provide warm water with food with increased fiber content. This food will help to increase the bowel movements in the sick dog.

Sometimes sick dogs reveal convulsions, star gazing posture, tremors, shivering etc. and in such cases one has to look on the nervous system related disorders like canine distemper etc. Sick dog generally avoids feeding to some extent and to the possible extent; avoid the force-feeding because often this may result in aspiration pneumonia.

Sick dog diagnosis is an art. However, to acquire this art, one has to get constant exposure to many sick dogs as in case of a veterinarian attending many sick animals in a hospital.

However, as a dog owner, if you closely monitor the dog when it is normal, then the diagnosis in sick dog becomes easy for the dog owner. As a home remedy for a sick dog with nasal discharge, provide the dog with a cup full of lime mixed warm water. This may relieve the nasal congestion.

For anemia in dogs, the home remedy for sick dog includes provision of dates, black grapes, papaya fruit etc, along with routine food. However, in such dogs side by side rule out the parasitic problem in addition to the nutritional deficiencies.

Similarly, as a home remedy for sick dog with less number of red blood cells, black berry fruits like elderberry, bilberry may be given. In China, mung beans are often given as a home remedy for sick dog, along with spinach.



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