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Choosing a Dog Stud

Choosing a dog stud includes history of breeding, appearance of dog, sexual performance of dog, clinical assessment of dog, breeding potential of the dog, proximity of dog, and economy factor associated with breeding with the stud dog. Choosing a dog stud is dependent on multiple factors that are mainly associated with the health condition of the male dog.

Choosing a dog stud dog is mainly by breeding records and physical capacity to breed, when owners of both male and female dogs leave the male dog with female dog subsequent to the acceptance. Choosing a dog stud often needs an analysis of various features pertaining to the reproduction.

Characteristics of dog stud
Dog stud should be free from any disease. Some times, the scrotum of the dog might not have descended. Discard them as dog stud. The animal should be free from diseases like brucellosis etc. The semen should have viable and mature spermatozoa.

The dog’s genitals may be examined. If prepuce is having adherence excessively, then surgical approach needs to be made.

Terriers and Poodles may be examined particularly for cryptorchidism. Though sex hormones are produced in such cryptorchids, spermatozoa production will not be a satisfactory one in such cases.

Stud Dog Service
Dog lovers to breed their bitch often pay the stud-dog service and hence, many commercial breeders have properly reared stud dogs that are registered with their country’s stud dog association.

Stud dog fee
The stud dog fee often comes to about 200 to 250 dollars and may even goes to 1000 dollars. The stud dog fee depends on whether the stud dog is a great champion or not. If it has proven breeding potential, then the stud fee may be on the higher side.

Many dog breeders insist to send the female dog to the place of stud dog for breeding purposes. To avail the service of the stud dog, the owner of stud dogs may demand one puppy from the concerned bitch after it gives birth.

Breeding-stud dog
The breeding-stud dog may be assured for the breeding purposes by proper contract executed between the stud dog owner and the owner of the female dog who wants their dog to be bred with an eligible male dog that has proven breeding potential. The breeding-stud dog often is selected locally.

Stud dog-breeding fee
Stud dog-breeding fee has to be paid in advance some times for ensuring proper breeding to occur. Male dog owners often fix the high fee due to the reputation their dog owned by mating with many famous bitches. The breeding stud fee may be reduced in some cases after personal request directly and hence, bargaining may be attempted in many cases.


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