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Breeding Female dog "In Season"

Do you think female dog care is a Herculean task for a breeder? Yes!!! Breeding female dog is also an art. If the female is not mated in right time of the estrus cycle, the animal may not be successful in attaining the pregnancy. The breeding female dog should be given adequate nutrition to avoid any deficiency of nutrients and energy.

Female dog in season includes signs like swelling of vulva, increased tendency to wander, increased receptive actions allowing the mounting activities of the stud dogs, seeking of private place for mating to occur freely etc.

Most of the dog owner's are not aware of dog breeding secrrets. Female dog in season often may not eat properly in many occasions. Hence, your pet needs to have a different kind of management in general when it is in season.

The female dog in season should not be stressed in general before the mating activities. Breeding female dog is to be taken maximum care earlier to the breeding in terms of avoidance of diseases. Because if the animal is sufferingfrom some kind of illness in periods immediately prior to the breeding activities, then the whole programme needs to be postponed.

If your female dog is subjected to first time mating, it may try to avoid the mating activities of the male dog and in such occasions, assistance may be provided to the male dog for effective locking. Hence, often-familiar persons are engaged in such assistance related activities to avoid the excitation-based deviations.

Dog breeding cycle involves period like proestrus period, estrus period, diestrus period and anestrus period.

In a year, twice the dog may have the breeding seasons. However, the estrus period is given maximum significance because of the need of mating in this period. Dog breeding cycle once if disrupted, then status of pregnancy, pseduopregnancy etc. are to be looked into.

On the day of heat, the red discharge is noticed from vulva of the female dog. The stud dog may be booked for breeding activity earlier. Breeding female dog may be performed on any day from the 10th to 14th day after the occurrence of reddish discharge. When the dog is in peak period of heat, the fluid arising from vagina is colorless, odorless and there is maximum enlargement of the vulva, which may be pink and soft.

You may expect a puppy or handful of puppies in your dog's kennel after 60 days of mating. Hence Breeding female dogs should be carried out at the right day in right time.


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