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Breaking Bad Habit in Dog Made Easy…

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Even the most delightful dogs are likely to develop bad habits, which may annoy you. Breaking bad habit in dog is a Herculean task. Dog bad habits developed due to improper management and lack of training.

Dog bad habit breaking can be made easy by subjecting your pup various training procedure. Before adpopting any training procedures, you should know about the good and bad habits in a dog.

Obedience training from an early age can prevent many of these behavioral problems, and prevention is always easier than cure.

If your dog shows bad habit in your home, you must go back to basics and use common sense to develop a correction method based on its willingness to obey. Don't forget that a dog does not misbehave to punish his owner since retribution is a trait in primates like humans, but not in dogs.

Common dog bad habits and its remedy

The Destructive Dog

Dogs left on their own, especially puppies, may develop the habit of chew objects through frustration at being alone, and to relieve boredom. This dog bad habit can be corrected by following the remedy given below:-


Restrict the dog to a small area of its own where it cannot do any damage such as special dog crate. This helps a puppy to feel more secure, especially if it has a selection of toys to chew and play with, and a radio or television as background noise. A puppy should only be confining to a crate for short periods and must be given plenty of exercise and personal attention from its owner.

The Greedy Dog

This dog bad habit can easily be overcome. As dogs are natural scavengers, and will eat most food they find. Success reinforces this bad behavior, producing a chronic canine thief.


Teach a dog to sit before feeding it, and only give it food on its own bowl, not on a plate or from the table. Once it knows it must obey you before eating, it will not steal food in your absence. As a precaution, don't leave tempting food within its reach.

The oversexed dog

Over sexed dog is another dog bad habit. Denied a more natural outlet for its sexual energy, unneutered male dogs may mount a human leg or furniture. This occurs most frequently in dogs between one and two years old, although females in season may behave in a similar manner.


Distract the dog by spraying it with water from a plant spray or water pistol. Any discipline must be carried out immediately so that the dog associates this with its bad behavior. Neutering or mating with other dogs may prevent this behavior.

The Lonely dog

Separation Anxiety

Left alone in the house, a nervous dog may bark or howl. This is especially common in DOGS that has not been properly socialized during puppy hood, or that have known several homes.


Before leaving your dog, provide him with a special treat, such as a favorite toy that you have rubbed in your hands, or a succulent marrowbone. Do not make a fuss when you leave. The dog may feel secure in a dog crate.

Although breaking bad habit in a dog is made easy by adopting the above strategies, it is highly advisable to seek an opinion from a vet about the existing dog bad habits. Then, fix a dog trainer for breaking bad habit in a dog in an effective manner. Happy Training!!!




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