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How To Cure Dog Ear Infection?

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Dog ear consists of three parts viz., the outer, middle and inner ear. Mostly the ear infection in dog occurs in the outer ear, which is curable. The dog ear infection is generally called as Otitis Externa.

The main reason for doctors finding difficult to cure dog ear infection is the anatomy of the dog’s ear. Dog ears have a vertical and horizontal component to them, which made hard for anything to drain out including debris or water.

Causes for ear infection in dogs

Although there are numerous reasons for dog ear infection, the first and foremost reason for ear infection is allergy. Some dogs are more receptive to allergies than others.

If you’re allowing your dog to swim (Some owners allow swimming as dog sporting), you can expect the dog might go for infection in the ears. The main reason is that the entered water doesn’t have facility to get drained off due to the complex anatomy of dog’s ear.

The presence water in the ear canal will facilitate the growth for yeast and bacteria. It is highly advisable to drain the ears of the water played dog completely to avoid the recurrent dog ear infection.

Breeds with long ears that flap over the ear canal are more prone for otitis media than breeds with small canal.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Dog ear infection symptoms include a yeast like smell, yellow to brown exudates in the ears, or excessive head shaking. Sometimes the affected canine shows swelling and redness of the ear region.

Dog Ear Infection Remedy

The best dog ear infection remedy is proper cleaning of the dog’s ears prior to application of the medication. Cleaning can be effected by placing a few drops of an ear cleanser into the ear followed by massaging the ear in such a way that the debris in the ear gets loosened. Use cotton gauze or cloth to wipe the dirt out.

After cleaning process, the medication should be applied into the ear as per the veterinarian’s advice. The dog ear infection treatment greatly depends upon the cause. Usually antibiotics are preferred for bacterial infection where as for yeast infection, antifungal is used.

Most of the dogs with ear infection are treated with local application of eardrops only. But severe cases will be treated with oral pills.

The dogs with recurrent occurrence of ear infection are usually treated after clipping the hair around the ear to help easy entry of air. Even some of the vets would suggest for ear surgery in extreme cases for facilitating easy drain of the ear canal.

It is really easy to cure dog ear infection. But the recurrent of the condition is mostly noticed among the pets. Hence it is necessary to show your dog to the vet after fifteen days of the dog ear infection treatment.




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